Vin’s Live Review of System of a Down and The Mars Volta from 2005 (Archival footage from 2005)

This is my most recent archival post, featuring the earliest music review I may have ever written.  In 2005, I was 14 and saw System of a Down’s Mezmerize/Hypnotize tour with The Mars Volta.

Alright, time for another unearthed relic of the long forgotten past to save from extinction from the internet’s black hole. Lets turn the clock back a full decade to 2005, when I saw System of a Down shortly before the release of the Hypnotize album on their Mezmorize/Hypnotize tour with The Mars Volta and openers Hella and Bad Acid Trip. I didn’t show up in time for Bad Acid Trip, I would assume this would be the worst band to listen to on acid, but any number of jam bands would prove otherwise.

This was posted to the message board when I was a moderator there during the release of the game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”

The following is a post brought to you by Vin, age 14 (holy fuck), on September 30th of 2005

Hella is some kind of European punk band or something that I saw 4 songs of

The Mars Volta fucking suck, they played what seemed like 1 song for the whole hour they played with The Widow stuck into it with another part in Spanish for a half hour and a bunch of other crap

System of a Down were awesome and they played every song on Mezermize and Toxicity. Legendary as hell, this was awesome they were so on it and every song was as good as it is on the CD. Hypnotize is coming out soon but they only did Hypnotize the song from that and the best ones off of System of a down and all of Mezemerize and Toxicity. System of a down are a great fuckin band respect

Oh man, where to begin. First off I was wrong by a short bit, they played all but 1 or 2 songs off of Toxicity and Mezmerize but I can’t remember which weren’t played other than “Jet Pilot”. Well I will stand by that this was a legendary gig. I’ll say System of a Down were a force live back then, hopefully I’ll catch them again one day if their sporadic reformation shows ever make it around my way. LOL at Hella being from Europe, they were from northern California. Zach Hill later went on to play and not play in Death Grips. The Mars Volta did suck when they did that Frances the Mute/Amputechture type shit, and this was what they played here so it’s no wonder I hated it then, because I still don’t like that now. How did I even find this? I checked my junky email and decided to see if I had any old reviews to dig up on my old moderator account, and I found this. As of 2015, System of a Down have yet to play a gig within 500 miles of me on their sporadic reunion thing, and The Mars Volta went back to making good music on albums like The Bedlam in Goliath and Noctourniquet before breaking up and becoming Antemasque or the Cedric and Omar Experience #3964.

This is less embarrassing than that review of Mayhem Festival from 2009 I found last year actually. That review actually sucked ass, this is at least still accurate in retrospect.

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