Act II: Public Rage Against the Cypress Enemy Machine – A guest column (7/19/2016)

Today’s installment of the ongoing saga of V.N.N. Takes on the R.N.C. is a guest contribution from my close friend over at The Earth Is In Hell blog on, a website for pornography and baseless accusation.  She has been willing to give us an exclusive eyewitness account of Prophets of Rage, the new supergroup formulated when Zack De La Rocha preferred hiding out in his desert bunker somewhere instead of being the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine for the hundred and twentieth time, so they decided to enlist the expert talents of one Chuck D. of Public Enemy and two B. Real of Cypress Hill to cover for him and make America Rage Against again.

The following is a guest contribution from Ms. Crack Hitler of The Earth Is In Hell and not a reflection of V.N.N., or maybe it is, we don’t know but we don’t fucking care either, we accept anyone and anything because we are committed to being the most uncensored media outlet in the history of media outlets, so suck on a dick and choke on fat wads.

The Republican National Circus is in full effect.
So who else would you expect to put on a free show in a vacant lot on the city’s impoverished East side? That’s right, Prophets of Rage. While these guys still are also playing at the Agora tomorrow night for a price, it was pretty respectable to see them come out and support a cause which lends it’s hand to the notorious income inequality and poverty surrounding the city. Would over 500 people show up to this vacant lot to support the End Poverty movement if Prophets of Rage hadn’t put their name on it? I highly doubt it.

The show started at about 1pm and the crowd gathered in to hear the numerous speakers, poets, and musicians who all came togheter to share their various political messages. These ranged from Black Lives Matter, to the Flint Water crisis, to homeless veterans,
immigration and more. Generally speaking, the message was that hey, our country was never great, the whole system is fucked and we need a revolution that starts with the people, fuck the government. You get the idea. While it was cool to hear everyone’s
message, no one was expecting this to go on for almost 2 hours. 2 hours, in the heat, in some vacant lot on Clevelands shitty east side. The crowd seemed to be weakening around me. Even worse- the press. Press fucking everywhere. Giant ass cameras and shit
and eager media workers shoving their way through the crowd, each one trying to get a better shot than the other. Somehow, I managed to get there early enough that I ended up front row center, however, one of these annoying cameramen decided to post up
behind me during the show. I hit his camera twice and he asked me not to “punch his camera” again. I told him he’s a fucking idiot if he thought he could come to a Prophets of Rage show and stand in the middle of the fucking crowd and be untouched. I’ll
throw my god damn fist up if I want to while I’m here. Anyway, that’s besides the point I guess, but it did piss me off.
When Prophets of Rage took the stage, the crowd’s momentum immediately picked back up. Keep in mind that this wasn’t really an official “venue” but really more like some pop-up stage, and I didn’t expect much more than that considering it was free. They still sounded good, and they still sounded loud. Tom Morello absolutley fucking shredded it on guitar, at one point with his teeth ofcourse. Chuck and B-real do a great job at backing each other up on vocals, but there’s a lot of moments where they just kind of awkardly bop around while Morello goes fucking ham on his strings forever.  Chuck, B-Real, and Morello all didn’t waste any time expressing their opinions on the RNC in between songs,
and took it as far as inviting the entire crowd on a march down the road to protest
with them. At one point, Morello went on to say, before “Killing in the Name of”, that the song was used by the Bush administration to torture prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and that it was now our revenge to march down their and use the same song to torture those “sons of bitches” at the RNC.

As far as the setlist goes, (which you can find here-
it was reallly short, and by really I mean like 8 songs, but again, it was free, so I can’t even complain. After they played there last song, they kept their promise to march, and the crowd filtered into the streets, equipped with signs and megaphones. While I didn’t join them on this journey, I was pleased enough with what I had already experienced. I already
had a satisfying enough anti-government and anti-RNC amount of protest within the past 24 hours considering I saw Ministry play at Agora last night for the same reasons, which I was still fired up from before seeing Prophets of Rage. Anymore rage might result in me in handcuffs at the end of the day.

“Let the riot be the rhyme of the unheard” Rage on, Cleveland.

These views represent the views of The Earth Is In Hell blog and not VNN Musick blog, but they might as well anyway because they are one and the same, thank you for your report Ms. Crack Hitler, it was a solid review.  Thank you for standing on the front line and returning with a solid review my friend.  Next time, we have a review of the actual Prophets of Rage debut concert and also the Vans Warped Tour’s ill advised visit to Cleveland amongst the chaos from our next guest contributor.  Rage Against the Machine fucking rules and we here at the V.N.N. blog one day hope Zack De La Rocha will come back and make America truly Rage Against the Machine again.  Chris Cornell is busy reuniting Temple of the Dog so we don’t have to worry about Audioslave anymore.  Stay rebellious and outrageous out there.

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