A Late April Fool’s: Appropriately Late News on This Site in 2019

Hi, I’ve been severely neglecting updating this website, like the never looked at relic in a long line of boring historical artifacts in a museum lies dormant. The year has come so far without any of the big new changes in 2019 I promised, no reviews of concerts from 2018 or poll results from long standing series of song ratings hosted online were ever evaluated. I didn’t even crawl on here to throw some stupid shit up for April Fool’s Day. Things will eventually make their way to this archive of ramblings in sprawling length on obscure topics regarding metal, rock, punk, hip hop and various other music I listen to. Give it some time and patience, because nobody actually reads and follows this website.

In the meanwhile, you can find me on the other ancient relic of internet past Last.FM here if you want to know what I’ve listened to lately.


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